Could you use help in learning to Forgive?

Are you in need of emotional or spiritual Healing?

There are 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ.

Learn how they will empower you to live life to the fullest.

Although we often prefer to focus on what’s uplifting, sometimes we need to pause and check that nothing’s getting in the way of our living life abundantly, with peace, joy, and freedom, as Jesus intended.

  • Worry, stress, anxiety? The better choice is trust, living in the present with God!
  • Procrastination, perfectionism, and approval-seeking? Growing in faith and closeness to the Lord makes all the difference!
  • Living with chaos, drama, or overwhelming difficulties? You can lighten the load as you resist deception and walk with Christ.
  • Feeling shame, guilt, inadequacy, or depression? Empowerment, forgiving, healing, and freedom can be your cure.
  • Spinning your wheels or struggling with the same bad habits or patterns over and over? Do you confess the same sins every time you confess? Help is yours for the asking.
  • Prolonged grief, anger, loneliness, bitterness, or resentment? God has a better plan for you through the 5 Keys!
  • Want to tell your life story to someone who will listen with loving compassion? The 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ ministry is available to meet, listen, and pray with you for God’s amazing healing and freedom.


We’ll help you forgive because it’s crucial! Much that’s less than fully life-giving has its roots in unresolved hurts, old patterns, and faulty thinking. 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ Ministry and the UNBOUND model of prayer help people uncover the roots of unforgiveness and teach how to forgive the seemingly unforgivable and the mundane so they don’t fester and grow into a bigger grievances. This isn’t about hiding anything under a rug, confronting an abuser, or just “making nice.” It’s about releasing yourself from carrying around a heavy burden, letting Jesus lift the weight from your shoulders, and replacing hurtful old stories with empowering truth that will set you free.

Gospel Basis for Freedom Distilled to Five Keys: The path to the healing and freedom we need is outlined in The Lord’s Prayer, which we know well but rarely heed: we ask God to forgive us to the same extent that we forgive others! The goal of this ministry is to root out areas of resistance, bondage, ingrained patterns, and unforgiveness that have limited our free response to the love of Jesus and hindered us from living the abundant life for which Jesus set us free (John 10:10). Jesus assures us that when we believe, in His name demons can be driven out and there can be healing (Mark 16:17 and Matthew 10:8). This is a truly awesome promise, discussed in detail in Unbound and in the e-book, Freedom From Hurts, Fears, and Unhealthy Habits! 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ volunteers are trained to minister with the Holy Spirit and help you break the power of dark spiritual influences so that more light, healing, and blessings can be released, as they were when Jesus walked the earth and when his disciples obeyed him after Pentecost by healing the sick and casting out demons.

To Get Additional info about Unbound Prayer Ministry Training, please visit the Unbound Team Training Page.

Mission Statement

5 Keys to Freedom in Christ helps believers break free of hurts, fears, and unhealthy habits and move into their healed, authentic selves. We confidentially serve anyone who has difficulty forgiving or who repeatedly struggles with the same areas of sin, weakness, or negative thinking, and those who lack hope of ever being free of the residual effects of their past. We use the internationally proven Unbound prayer model in individual prayer sessions to provide encouragement, education, healing, and non-confrontational deliverance into the Freedom of Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit, the prayer team compassionately listens to prayer recipients’ stories and leads them through the 5 Gospel keys of repentance and faith, forgiveness, renunciation, authority, and the Father’s blessing. We also welcome and train new prayer team members.

Apologies if You've Previously Tried to Submit a Request for Prayer & Didn't Get a Confirmation

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Unbound Prayer Ministry Request Form

Please complete this form to request an opportunity to meet with a 2- or 3-person prayer team for UNBOUND ministry using the 5 Keys as described in Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance (or Libertad) by Neal Lozano. We use this form to discern if Unbound prayer is the right step for you at this time and whether we're equipped to serve you. If we proceed with scheduling, we also use this information to match you to an available and appropriate ministry team. Please note that we cannot process all the requests that we receive immediately. We ask your patience.
  • Please check all of the appointment slots that could work for you for a 2-hour appointment at St. Dominic's in San Francisco. There are a limited number of openings in each time slot, especially on Saturdays, so please list more than one time that works for you or the appointment may have to be scheduled farther out than you'd prefer.