From what do people need to be set free?

Spiritual “bondage” may include addictions (to anything including food, substances, sex, pornography, promiscuity, power, prestige, etc.), but 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ Ministry and the UNBOUND prayer model aren’t like a 12-Step program and aren’t primarily about addictions. Other things that bind or hinder us, make our hearts impure, or reveal some darkness or unclean spirits, include: unforgiveness, lying, fear/insecurity/doubt, heaviness/depression, low self-esteem, anger/resentment/bitterness, revenge, rage, extreme perfectionism, perversion (causing or being a victim of abuse), pride, rebellion, arrogance, rejection, abandonment, fatherlessness, feeling unwanted, anxiety, loneliness, jealousy/envy, greed, suicide/abortion/violence, and on and on. One can be released from these forms of bondage and obstacles to healing and blessing (many related to the capital sins) through forgiveness. Note that forgiveness is another way we are made in the image and likeness of God: God forgives us and with the help of God, we forgive others! One of the 5 Keys is Repentance, another is declaring the Forgiveness of others. The ministry is based on prayer recipients being listened to, loved, accepted, and ministered to—so why wouldn’t EVERYONE want to experience the 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ!?


How does it feel to be set free from spiritual bondage?


WOW!! Thank you, Jesus. To put into words what the Holy Spirit has done for me today is almost impossible. Through the 5 keys found in Neal Lozano’s Unbound book and Chris Smith as a conduit, I experienced genuine deliverance from past sins and feel Jesus’ love in places in my heart that were previously filled with darkness and unhealthy thoughts and habits. The chains have been broken; I am free!! Free to love and to be loved. Thank you, Jesus, for your mercy, love, forgiveness & mostly for dying on the cross for my sins. Please protect, guide, & nurture all the many people working in Your ministry. Your brother in Christ . . .

Robert C

Recent UNBOUND Prayer Recipient from San Diego, CA