How does Unbound Ministry work?

The important thing to remember is that the prayer recipient, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit do the work of freeing and healing. Therefore, the ministers don’t have to be experts but need to be yielded and willing instruments with enough training to know what is expected and required. After opening prayers, they’ll engage in loving, accepting, confidential listening as trained through UNBOUND, and they’ll lead the prayer recipient through these Five Keys:

1. Repentance and Faith;

2. Forgiveness;

3. Renunciation;

4. Authority; and

5. Blessing.

Neal Lozano

Author of Unbound Ministry Guidebook: Helping Others Find Freedom in Christ (2016), Heart of the Father Ministries

A typical 60- to 90-minute session begins with prayer. One Unbound-trained minister, a trained intercessor, and one prayer recipient meet in privacy and confidence. The recipient is led to share his or her story and is listened to with non-judgmental compassion and loving respect, with the leader asking questions to help his or her fellow Christian uncover the roots of unforgiveness and emotional wounds that keep her or him from living life to the full. The recipient is led through the 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ, beginning with expressions of faith and repentance. The process involves, forgiving in Jesus’s name and renouncing unclean spirits and lies in Jesus’s name. Then the trained minister breaks the power of every spirit and lie that the recipient has renounced and commands them out on the authority of Jesus’ name. Sometimes people bring up one situation (say, marital struggles) only to have it revealed during the session that the root of their relationship issues is one of boundary violation stemming from sexual molestation as a child or abandonment issues because of the early death or alcoholism of a parent, for example. Many issues can be dealt with for each person who comes for ministry. Each session ends with thanksgiving, blessing, and a short summary of how to use the 5 Keys in your life following your prayer session, which we believe is crucial to your ongoing healing and freedom.