Who does the 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ Ministry serve with UNBOUND Prayer?

UNBOUND Ministry is embraced within the Catholic Church but is equally available and effective for Christians of any denomination because it is a Biblically-based listening, loving, prayer ministry open to the healing, deliverance, power, and guidance of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. As mentioned in Freedom from Hurts, Fears, and Unhealthy Habits, Chris has experienced freedom in Christ through both a Protestant-based deliverance ministry and through UNBOUND, and our prayer sessions are open to all who believe in Jesus’s power to heal and deliver us from evil. For Catholics, it’s not a replacement for sacramental Reconciliation and Penance; it generally deepens subsequent confessions as it helps recipients break through previously repeated harmful patterns of behavior or thinking. The ministry focuses on the person being served and what Jesus offers. It’s not exorcism, which is a rite reserved for rare cases handled by an exorcist-priest with the approval of the local bishop. The UNBOUND model doesn’t confront demons who have possessed people; rather, it helps believers to forgive, resist temptations, renounce unclean spirits, and be set free to live life to the fulfill, enjoying their true identity in Christ. It identifies patterns, influences, schemes, lies, and tactics of the forces of darkness, and gives the prayer recipient awareness and tools to hold onto their freedom.

We all have someone to forgive. We’re all sinners with areas of weakness that repeatedly affect us. Therefore, we can ALL benefit from UNBOUND prayer. At the end of the session, you’ll be taught how to use the 5 Keys on your own as often as you like, even daily, to keep your freedom in Christ.