Dear UNBOUND Team, 
       Thank you so much.  I experienced a deep healing as a result of my UNBOUND Prayer Session. I felt a sense of love, acceptance, and understanding from the prayer team. I think the most helpful thing from the UNBOUND experience was renouncing all my sins in Jesus’ name and also being prayed for with hands on at the end. I received freedom through my ministry session using the 5 Keys. I experienced some transformation as old layers coming off of the onion of my soul. And, yes, I experienced the Father’s love and felt touched by His blessing. 

       I cannot think of any improvements to recommend for your team, the scheduling, preparation, or the session itself. I might share the message of UNBOUND by saying that you can be free from what ails you by repenting, forgiving, renouncing, and taking authority in Jesus’ name. 


San Francisco Catholic

“I want to thank you for your time and your unconditional love and service to people in need of liberation like me. It was an incredible experience! I can’t stop thinking about it and feeling this great sense of peace and comfort. Again, thank you soooo much! God bless you always!”​


Catholic Woman in San Francisco

“WOW!! Thank you, Jesus. To put into words what the Holy Spirit has done for me today is almost impossible. Through the 5 keys found in Neal Lozano’s Unbound book and with Chris Smith as a conduit, I experienced genuine deliverance from past sins and feel Jesus’ love in places in my heart that were previously filled with darkness and unhealthy thoughts and habits. The chains have been broken; I am free!! Free to love and to be loved.”  


Catholic from Southern California

The following video is an unrehearsed, spontaneous testimony one of our 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ Prayer Team coordinators gave when invited to do so at the UNBOUND LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE in Philadelphia, held November 10 – 12, 2017. It shares a little about how our St. Dominic’s ministry has blossomed in the past few months, thanks be to God!

Dearest Team,
I am so Grateful to God who placed Chris and Marilyn before me
To hear me with an open heart and without judgment.
I felt relief from some issues that I wasn’t aware were a burden to me.
After I left the prayer ministry I felt gratefulness and joy.
I feel empowered and I will refer to the tools of the Unbound book through the 5 Keys of freedom.
Words and thoughts are powerful and I must act in a Godly way with Godly thoughts.
I am grateful for this wonderful offering and will definitely pass it on (as I have already done).
I wish ALL persons could experience this wonderful experience of the Holy Trinity through
Wonderful loving beings such as Marilyn and Chris.
In gratitude

Victoria Palacios

Lives in Santa Rosa but enjoys Mass at St. Dominic's

Through the 5 Keys I received a lot of peace in my heart and freedom. I felt the Father’s love very deeply. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with other people I care for and those in whom I see a need to be UNBOUND.

Juan Pablo

Visiting San Francisco from Mexico

I felt the love, understanding, and acceptance of the three team members who prayed with me, and I believe the session was very helpful because it was longer and more comprehensive than other times I’ve received Unbound prayer. [The session lasted over two hours.] What helped me the most was just going through [my story] and clearing out a lot of rubble. I definitely received Freedom in Christ through this ministry session! And I definitely recommend Unbound to people needing freedom. I intend to eventually get more training and use this prayer model!


A 30-something who experienced serious abuse as a child