Is this a local ministry or something bigger?

Unbound healing and deliverance ministry is well recognized in dioceses throughout the US and Canada as well as in Europe, Africa, Japan, and South America. For more information on that, see


Deliverance ministry is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that testify to the abundance of grace granted by God to the Church. As believers become aware of their inner resistance and unresolved issues, they see that spiritual bonds hold them captive and they experience the difficulty or inability to free themselves from this burden. In some cases what plagues people is due to the direct influence of the devil, and it’s there that deliverance ministry belongs – a gift of the Holy Spirit present since the time of the early Church. It highlights the important role of the lay faithful in evangelization, the mission of the Church to heal the wounds of humanity in spreading God’s Kingdom everywhere. In Luke 10:17, the mission of the 72 disciples who were made partakers in Christ’s power to cast out demons prefigure the involvement of all the lay faithful in preaching the Gospel and delivering people from the spiritual interference by Satan that afflicts so many souls. This ministry is welcome in our times as part of the new evangelization.

~ Cardinal Kevin Farrell

Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life

Preface to Deliverance Ministry by the Doctrinal Commission of ICCRS (2017, Vatican City)


Are the parish priests on board with this ministry?

Yes! At St. Dominic’s Catholic Church in San Francisco, our pastor, Fr. Michael Hurley, invited us to have our first Unbound meeting here in July 2016, and we’ve been here since then, becoming more and more visible. 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ Ministry is listed on the parish website under Spirituality and Fr. Augustine Hilander is our spiritual liaison. Fr. Isaiah Mary Molano is engaging with us in the idea of bringing this ministry to the young adults of the parish. Fr. James Moore already knew of Unbound ministry before the Lenten Day of Reflection about the ministry that took place in March 2017 and expressed delight in its now being active here. The Directors of Adult Formation and of Family and Children’s Faith Formation have invited a 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ ministry spokesperson to speak at parish events and they have been very supportive, with parish publicity and approval. A June 2017 presentation on Unbound for Priests and Deacons had our pastor’s blessing and their response was enthusiastic! The local ministry was also promoted in the archdiocesan newspaper, Catholic San Francisco.

At St. Aloysius Parish in Gualala, CA, and Mary Star of the Sea in Gualala, CA, the pastor, Fr. Carlos Ortega, and the Pastoral Council also fully support UNBOUND ministry. One of our team leaders, Chris Smith, has given talks on Forgiveness and UNBOUND there as well as at St. Dominic’s. Anyone interested in joining the team there is urged to contact her through this website!