Can an individual Unbound prayer session be scheduled right away? I know you want recipients to read Unbound first but can you make an exception?

Sessions are intended and scheduled to be at least 60 – 90 minutes long. It’s challenging to listen to the person’s story and apply the 5 Keys to their lives in that time even when the prayer recipient has read Unbound. The book, a conference (live or on CDs or DVDs), or a Live Free! Seminar gets them familiar with the 5 keys, the process, the experience, and scriptures that support the model working as well as it does. When the person isn’t well informed about Unbound, more than half our time could be spent explaining all that. 

Waiting offers definite benefits: time to prepare—not only to understand the process but also to reflect on the issues the recipients will bring to the session, to grow in their desire for freedom, as well as to understand that they and the Holy Spirit will be doing the work. Also, the two prayer ministers’ time that each session requires is best used praying, rather than summarizing what Neal Lozano put so well in his book. We are called to serve more individuals rather than lengthening sessions to teach the model and minister effectively.

The book Unbound is available on Amazon and downloadable as an audiobook from HeartoftheFather.com. We don’t require the recipient to finish the book, only to have read or heard Part One—the first seven chapters, about 120 pages. Thus, many people can get it done two weeks or less.

Urgent appointments?

Unclean spirits and unforgiveness take a while to work their way into people’s lives and people have generally lived with them for quite a while before hearing about Unbound. An urgent desire for prayer ministry can be a good sign of truly desiring freedom in Christ, and we want to help. However, usually waiting a couple of weeks isn’t a problem and helps with preparation. (See above about reading Unbound and reflecting during waiting time.) We are not ministering to possessed people but to Christians who are experience ongoing temptations or some demonic influence. And those volunteering to serve in the ministry are not always available on an urgent basis. We don’t want to burn them out, making each request “urgent.”

The St. Dominic’s Team is still in formation. Are you ready to pray with people?

We’ve been conducting UNBOUND prayer sessions and are ready to schedule more sessions now! We only have a few women currently experienced in the role of prayer leader, and they are volunteers with work and other responsibilities. We have a team of intercessors who have completed Basic Ministry Training, and one or two of them will be at each session, interceding as well as observing and learning. All of these team members have their pastor, confessor, or spiritual director’s recommendation to serve the parish in this position of utmost confidence. The relative newness of team members is no obstacle to the prayer recipient and the Holy Spirit doing the work of bringing Freedom in Christ into people’s lives. The 5 Keys and Unbound model works through our weaknesses and obedience, as we are all wounded healers or broken vessels!

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have enough men on our team, so we are actively encouraging men to get trained to serve. We do special pray with men, but we have less flexibilitiy accommodating men’s prayer requests until we have more men on the team.


May I schedule an appointment for someone else?

No. Sometimes the one suggesting the appointment overestimates the desire of the other, and this hasn’t worked in the past. There’s also a short personal intake process that precedes appointments.

How do I suggest that someone make an appointment?

By all means, tell them what the Lord has done for you and others through Unbound and encourage them! Give them the website, 5keystofreedom.com or our card or brochure, which have the website on them. The site will answer many questions and invites them to request a session by completing a form. If you forget the website, just have them look for “5 Keys” on the St. Dominic’s website and follow the link there. If you have one, give them a brochure. The parish office also has brochures and cards. Of course, you could also give them a copy of Unbound.



Is all of your prayer done individually or are there communal prayer opportunities?

When Live Free! Seminars (usually a one-day Saturday event) and Freedom in Christ Conferences take place (usually on a Friday evening and Saturday), some healing and freedom usually happen during the conference, and they also includes some individual prayer opportunities. We hope to eventually host a big Freedom in Christ Conference, but for now, we are offering the shorter, smaller Live Free! Seminar, which has limited seating and is filling up!

Team leader Chris Smith is available to speak to parish groups, and has made 5 Keys presentations at St. Dominic’s Practical Faith and Lenten Day of Reflection events. She has offered online teachings and retreats and will likely do more of that. Contact her and/or join our email list to be notified of those.

Our team plans to offer parish days of Unbound prayer in the future, beginning with April 7, 2018. These are announced through the bulletin, to our email list, and publicized around St. Dominic’s church. There will be multiple sessions on those days, probably 60 minutes each rather than 60 to 90 minutes. The appointments can be booked first by those who attend the March 17, 2018 Live Free! Seminar.

It’s possible to complete Basic UNBOUND Training in two days. See our TRAINING page for more info on this. Prospective team members receive priority in scheduling sessions as part of their training. We are currently taking applications for training so that we can invite prospective team members to attend our Live Free! Seminar and Give Free! Training to complete the basic training by April 2018.