Is this ministry for you as a prayer team member?

Do you long to help people who struggle with the same areas of sin, weakness, and negative thinking over and over? Perhaps to help them deepen their confessions, amend their lives, and grow in intimacy with the Lord?

Would you like to help restore hope and serenity to those who’ve not dared to envision being free of the residual effects of their past?

Would you like to tap into the healing power of the Gospel for yourself and others?

Are you a counselor, social worker, deacon, pastoral caregiver, or lay person who’d like greater understanding of the influences or strategies of Darkness in the lives of those in your care?

Would you like to be ministered to as part of your discernment about training to be on a ministry team?

UNBOUND is a Growing Ministry.

A growing number of churches, ministries, therapists, spiritual directors, and life coaches have been training throughout the world to help those seeking greater freedom through the Five Keys of UNBOUND. The St. Dominic’s ministry team coordinators first experienced UNBOUND at a Freedom in Christ Conference at the Southern California Renewal Conference in Anaheim, CA in the summer of 2013. Recently, both attended (along with three other team members) the international UNBOUND Leadership Conference in Philadelphia, attended by priests, religious, and lay people from all over the U.S. as well as Canada, Africa, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Japan. This year alone, over 3,500 people have been trained to use the UNBOUND model of prayer.

At St. Dominic’s, our trainings are open to faithful Catholics who either want to become members of our St. Dominic’s 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ UNBOUND prayer team or who want to be trained to enhance their other ministries or to use this type of prayer in their own prayer life or in various roles in their lives (such as parenting and service ministries). The sooner new prospective team members complete their Basic training, the sooner they’ll be able to discern their calling for the ministry and, if they become members of our team, serve as intercessors in 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ UNBOUND sessions and join previously trained team members for Advanced Ministry Training and Team Development. Our next training consists of attendance at our Lenten Live Free! UNBOUND Seminar on March 17, 2018, and participation in our Give Free! Training Day on Saturday, April 21, 2018. For training offered at other locations, we recommend that you visit

Preferably before but possibly shortly after Basic Training, our prospective team members read Unbound by Neal Lozano. They receive an UNBOUND session if they’ve never experienced one or have never experienced freedom in Christ. They also talk to their pastor, confessor, or spiritual director to obtain a recommendation for service in this ministry.

There’s a fee payable to secure registration for the training and pay for various training materials and expenses. The fee is discounted if you already have a copy of UnboundIf you register or sign up after a specified payment date, the fee is increased to cover expedited delivery of training materials, and there’s no guarantee all the materials will be received on time if you cut it too close to the training session.

During the Basic training, interspersed with prayer and discussion, we learn the basic content of a typical UNBOUND Freedom in Christ Conference presented by Neal and Janet Lozano and Ann Stevens. We discuss the topics and practicalities of the ministry and go over FAQs. With permission, we’ve also watched actual UNBOUND sessions conducted by Neal Lozano, who has 40 years of experience in healing and deliverance prayer ministry. At the end of this phase of training, you’ll be encouraged to discern if you’re called to continue into the next phase of training, including being an intercessor during UNBOUND prayer sessions.

The most serious form of poverty of all can be the poverty of the spirit, not only because it drains life of all energy, joy, and sense of purpose, but also because it is the one kind of poverty than can last forever.

Dr. Robert Stackpole, STD

Author of The Spiritual Works of Mercy, published in the Divine Mercy Library online

The Spiritual Works of Mercy are integral to this ministry, so if you choose to be a part of it, you will bless others and be blessed!

  • Instructing – We teach the 5 Keys; we instruct people in how, who, and what to forgive; we show people how to live in the fullness and freedom Jesus intended for his followers.
  • Admonishing – We all need God’s loving correction and deeper understanding of our faith, but first and foremost, we listen non-judgmentally and with compassion. We speak the truth in love as the Holy Spirit leads.
  • Counseling the Doubtful – We listen attentively and often accompany or counsel people struggling with faith concerns.
  • Comforting the Sorrowful – We listen to people in grief or going through tough situations, many of whom pour out their troubles as part of an UNBOUND session, and we lovingly and respectfully show compassion and pray for them.
  • Forgiving Injuries and Offenses – The heart of an UNBOUND session is helping people to forgive injuries and offenses.
  • Bearing Wrongs Patiently – We help people renounce and be delivered from bitterness, lingering anger, impatience, unhealthy habits, etc. Afterward, they feel empowered and are better equipped to bear wrongs patiently and to not be a victim!
  • Praying for Others – We are a confidential prayer ministry, above all!

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Interested in Basic UNBOUND Training?

Please fill out this form to explore the opportunity to be trained to use the 5 Keys as described in Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance (or Libertad) by Neal Lozano.
  • We especially need men on our team! When we pray with a man, either the prayer leader or intercessor must be a man, and likewise for women. There's also an archdiocesan demand for ministry to Young Adults. That's why we ask these questions.