Is there a charge for a 5 Keys to Freedom in Christ/UNBOUND session? 

Your being listened to and ministered to respectfully, lovingly, and nonjudgmentally and your freedom are our top priorities! Although healing, deliverance, and freedom in Christ are invaluable, and the time and money we’ve invested training for and serving in the ministry is high, prayer sessions are free. You will need to get a copy of Unbound to prepare for your session, which is for sale at the St. Dominic’s office for $15 including tax and shipping. At the end of sessions, we also recommend that, within the first week after their session, prayer recipients listen to “Staying Free: The Battle for Our Minds” by Ann Stevens. You may purchase this on CD from us ($10) or download a less expensive MP3, sometimes offered at

Who’s in Charge of the Ministry?

The Holy Spirit is the ministry’s CEO. Chris Smith is an UNBOUND Prayer Leader and Trainer and a Spiritual Director. Lorelei Low is an UNBOUND Prayer Leader and a Discalced Carmelite. Our spiritual advisor is Fr. Augustine Hilander, O.P, Parochial Vicar at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, San Francisco. We have the full blessing and encouragement of Pastor Michael Hurley, O.P., as well as Fr. Isaiah Mary Molano, O.P. and of Pastor Carlos Ortega at St. Aloysius Parish in Point Arena, CA. Our St. Dominic’s 5 Keys to Freedom Core Team is comprised of Chris Smith, Lorelei Low, and Fr. Augustine. We are part of the Unbound Network Group listed under Heart of the Father ministries, from which our training comes and whose policies we follow, thereby allowing us to use the name “Unbound.”

May I Donate in Gratitude for this Ministry?

Yes! To Donate to the Ministry, Please Click Here

Is the Ministry Catholic-approved? 

Yes, it’s solidly Catholic! See this video about Unbound with Archibishop Lori of Baltimore.

Is it only for Catholics?

No. Pope Francis urges Catholics to embrace the ecumenical nature of we have in common with other Christians, which is that Jesus is Lord, he died and rose to set us free, and he commissioned his disciples to proclaim the Gospel, which is summarized in the 5 Keys. In addition, “He gave them authority to cure diseases and to cast out evil spirits” (Luke 10:17). We are all wounded and need to forgive, so let us unite in serving the whole Body of Christ. However, we are a ministry supported by a particular parish, so if we do not have enough availability to serve everyone in individual prayer sessions, we will prioritize St. Dominic’s parishioners. At this time, all of our team members are Catholics.